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09.2022 | Trane eNews (Sept 2022) | Trane Technologies China Wins 2022 Outstanding Innovative Leader Award
特靈科技中國斬獲 '2022傑出創新引領獎'

07.2022 | Trane CenTraVac™ Chillers @HFO R514A To Cool & Safeguard Priceless Treasures at HKPM

07.2022 | Trane Technologies Becomes One of the World’s First Net-Zero Approved Companies with Latest Validation by the Science Based Targets Initiative

06.2022 | Trane Glamour (June 2022) | Queensway Government Offices Project By Trane-EMSD-HKGBC Honored with Three ASHRAE AWARDS

06.2022 | Trane eNews (Jun 2022) | Trane Technologies Unveils Its Latest ESG Report, Highlights Progress Toward Bold Social and Environmental Sustainability Goals

06.2022 | Trane eNews (May 2022) | Trane Technologies Becomes One of the World's First Net-Zero Approved Companies with Latest Validation by the Science Based Targets Initiative

05.2022 | Trane News Release (May 2022)
特靈新聞稿 (2022年5月)

03.2022 | Trane News Release (Mar 2022)
Trane Hong Kong Appoints Benny H K Tsoi as General Manager

11.2021 | Trane Technologies Named to S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for 11th Consecutive Year (Nov 2021)

11.2021 | TT Honored by HRH The Prince of Wales with 2021 Inaugural Terra Carta Seal for Sustainability Leadership
英國威爾士親王向特靈科技頒發 2021 年 Terra Carta 可持續發展領袖印章

11.2021 | Advancing Carbon Neutrality from HKC to HFO
智選HFO減用HFC 成就碳中和未來

11.2021 | World-Class Climate Solutions for World-Class Museums in HK
頂尖氣候解決方案 造就本港世界級博物館

11.2021 | Trane Technologies Announces Net-Zero Ambition In Line With UNFCCC 'Race to Zero'

10.2021 | Trane Technologies Spotlights - Innovations for Decarbonized Infrastructure at World Climate Forum Asia
聚焦亞洲世界氣候論壇 特靈科技與業界共商低碳基建

10.2021 | Trane Technologies Wins Reuters 2021 Responsible Business Award for Business Transformation
特靈科技榮獲路透社 2021 年企業社會責任大獎

10.2021 | HKAPC Launches Revamped Website

07.2021 | Sharing with Bloomberg: Why Bold Climate Leadership is the Path to Business Success

07.2021 | Trane Technologies 2030 Commitments - Gigaton Challenge
特靈科技2030可持續發展承諾 ─ 10億噸挑戰

06.2021 | Global Climate Action Update - China Joining Kigali Signees
全球氣候行動速報 | 中國接受 《基加利修正案》

06.2021 |Trane Platinum-Rated Chillers First to Adopt Ultra-Low GWP Refrigerants Responding to Green Policies & Emission Reduction Targets of UN & EMSD
特靈鉑金級冷水機率先採用超低GWP雪種 響應聯合國、機電署環保政策及減排目標

06.2021 |Trane Fully Supports HKGBC for The CIC Green Product Certification Scheme
特靈全力支持香港綠色建築議會 推廣建造業議會綠色產品認證

06.2021 |Energy Improvements in Our HVAC Manufacturing Facilities
特靈生產廠房 減排佳績顯著

06.2021 |Trane Technologies Recognized by Forbes, Financial Times & 3BL Media for Leadership in ESG Performance
特靈科技領袖級ESG表現 備受福布斯、金融時報與3BL Media推崇

05.2021 |Trane Expert @HKGBC CPD Webinar

05.2021 |Trane Sintesis™ Balance Leads the Industry in Superb Performance & Efficiency
特靈Sintesis™ Balance引領行業跨進高效世紀

05.2021 |Trane Technologies Highlights Significant Progress Toward Gigaton Challenge, Science-Based Targets & Sustainability Goals in 2020 ESG Report

04.2021 |Trane Technologies Plans to Cut Product Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030, Supporting the Paris Agreement Goal of Net-Zero Emissions by 2050
特靈科技產品碳排放2030年擬減半 同時支持巴黎協議目標 2050年實現淨零排放

04.2021 |Trane Shared More Green Best Practices with HKGSA
特靈與香港綠建商舖聯盟 分享更多環保空調實例

03.2021 |Trane Technologies Named One of World’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune

03.2021 |Trane France Sintesis™ Screw Chillers Certified as Platinum-Rated CIC Green Product
特靈法國製Sintesis™螺桿式冷水機組 榮獲建造業議會綠色產品鉑金級認證

03.2021 |Trane Wins 2021 America's Most Trusted HVAC Brand for 7 Consecutive Years

02.2021 |Trane Digital FAT 2021: Continuing Our Connected Customer Experience (Feb 2021)
特靈2021年視像工廠驗收測試 持續帶來以客為尊的專業方案

02.2021 |Our Latest Video is Available on Trane Hong Kong YouTube Channel Now

02.2021 |Trane Technologies Named to Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations

01.2021 |Trane Smart DC Fan Coil Unit Certified as Platinum Rated CIC Green Product
特靈Smart DC風機盤管榮獲建造業議會綠色產品鉑金級認證

Application Reference | Queensway Government Offices Project By Trane-EMSD-HKGBC Honored with Three ASHRAE AWARDS

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