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Connectivity you can count on

These days remote access and connectivity have become table stakes for successful business operations. But for something as important and complex as your building management systems, you need a partner that understands how to provide secure, access-from-virtually-anywhere connectivity and is also an expert in building optimization. You need Trane. With our secure, scalable solutions and our building optimization tools you can unlock your building’s hidden potential to reduce operating costs and improve comfort and efficiency – from wherever you are.

Enterprise level building management software for facility professionals, with built-in asset management and tenant request functionalities. Tracer® Ensemble™ provides simple dashboards, reporting, alarm management and scheduling.

Tracer® Ensemble™ Building™ Management System

Building management systems (BMS) control and monitor systems including HVAC and lighting, serving one building or multiple facilities in different locations.

Whether you’re managing comfort and energy use in one or more buildings, Tracer® Ensemble™ helps you do everything better. Intuitive navigation makes it easy to manage alarms and comfort settings. Dashboards and reports give you the insights you need to make smarter decisions on how to manage comfort more efficiently and sustainably. Asset Management helps you align work and facilities improvements into a single workflow. Even if you’re not an HVAC expert, Tracer® Ensemble™ helps you work like a pro.