Fan Coil Units - Concealed Duct Type VAV Stepless DCBL/DCHC

Variable Airflow & Accurate Control

Stepless DC fan coil unit features variable airflow in addition to accurate temperature control that are not available in typical fan coil units.


With a dedicated wall mounted, intelligent, liquid crystal display (LCD) thermostat, unique control logic and an advanced stepless DC fan motor, the advanced DCBL fan coil unit can truely realize smooth fan speed modulation to create the real ambient comfort and achieve desired room temperature without excessive indoor moisture. Other advantages of DC fan motor are low noise and high efficiency.


With premium comfort and energy efficiency, is the latest generation of DCBL fan coil product developed by Trane Company. The product uses the latest DCBL motor stepless speed control technology, PI temperature control methodology, high efficiency low sound and vibration fan technology, and high efficiency heat exchanger with small diameter tube technology, to achieve quiet, comfort, energy saving, environmental friendly, safe and reliable, etc. benefits.

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